If you searched the Internet and reached TEDEFI token, know that this is a big scam.

What is a TEDEFI token?

It is a global fraud that began trading with a bot on Telegram in November 2021. According to the website tedefi.com, which was active until 3 days ago (today: 05.01.2022(dd.mm.yyyy)): a fast project that makes cryptocurrency transactions for applications on Telegram, etc.

It is a very well-crafted and planned fraud project and led people to believe that Telegram’s official cryptocurrency.

It’s a scam project with lots of copies still active on telegram right now.

3 days ago, a group with nearly 30 thousand members in Telegram and a program called tedefibot, which processes transactions automatically, were put into deletion mode.

Notifications to Telegram often go unanswered.

I know the only way to find these scammers is through official institutions. These institutions can reach their real identities from their logs from twitter and other social media accounts.

Yesterday this article was active but now not found: https://medium.com/@tedefi

We will update the information here as we learn more about the subject.

Releated forum topic https://tedefi-victims.xyz/community/clues/official-tedefi-com-to-social-media

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